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Do You Need Viagra,
But Are Scared To Buy It Online?

Viagra is an embarrassing product to purchase.

What’s worse for the millions of people who get it online, Viagra can also be a dangerous product to purchase.

Thousands of people buy Viagra online every year and almost 20% unknowingly buy either defective, illegally obtained, or counterfeit pills. Buying Viagra online can be a worrisome and risky adventure if you don’t know what to look for.

Viagra was launched in 1998 by US pharmaceutical company Pfizer touting a miracle cure for one of the most embarrassing male conditions, impotence. Almost immediately, men all over the world who were previously scared (or unable) to have sexual encounters were able to sexually perform.

There was only one problem with Viagra, though. You needed a prescription to buy it. Men were suddenly free of the fear of sex, but at the same time, they felt embarrassed to talk to their doctor about it.

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In one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns of all time, Pfizer launched an aggressive campaign aimed at selling Viagra online. Since Viagra was the perfect product to purchase anonymously online, Internet sales skyrocketed and Viagra has been near the top of the list of most sold pharmaceutical products online ever since.

With such a powerfully large purchasing market, online competition set in and unscrupulous merchants started cutting corners to develop a competitive edge. A price war erupted and things got even worse.

The end result has made life very difficult for consumers.

Today, every customer who is looking to purchase Viagra online needs to know what to look out for to ensure that the pills he is buying are legitimate. Buying Viagra Safely Online is the only book that will teach you everything you need to know about buying Viagra safely online.

Cheaper Prices, Cheaper Pills…

I once got suckered into a deal that I thought was too good to be true— and it turned out it was.

I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I tried buying Viagra online about six months ago. First, I was astonished by the price of Viagra. Most of the bigger, more reputable online stores were charging more than $10 a pill. I couldn’t believe they were so expensive!

I then started searching around for other sites that offered discounts on the pills. Some sites offered them for under $9 and some sites were offering them for under $2. I knew immediately that the sites that were offering the pills for such a ridiculously low price were probably problematic. But the $9 price seemed fair. I briefly wondered if these were real Viagra at a discounted price, but everything on their websites seemed to check out.

I like to think that I’m fairly web savvy and that I’m a pretty diligent consumer, so I did what I thought was my best research into the site I was about to buy from, and everything seemed to check out alright. I clicked on the button and ordered myself 10 pills.

Although the website promised shipping within 3–5 days, I didn’t receive my shipment for more than three weeks. During that time, when I was waiting by the mailbox to get the mail before my wife and kids did, I tried contacting the website to find out the status of my order. I never got further than a voicemail and an auto-responded email.

When the pills actually arrived, I thought something was fishy. The pills had two problems that caused me to raise my eyebrows with suspicion. The pills themselves were pink instead of the trademark blue and said they didn’t say Viagra, or even Pfizer, on them.

Without much hope, I emailed the website to find out what the story was with the weird-looking Viagra.

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Almost immediately I got an email back saying the product I bought was generic Viagra pills. The email went on to say that generic pills are exactly the same as the name brand pills but are produced generically to reduce costs.

I’m familiar with buying generic medicine so I understood their explanation. I did find it a little odd though that the website didn’t mention the generic nature of the product before I purchased, which most online pharmacies do. I started doing a little research and much to my amazement, I discovered that generic Viagra doesn’t exist.

Apparently, generic medicine is created after a product’s pharmaceutical patent runs out, normally 15 years after the patent was first approved. Viagra’s patent won’t run out until at least 2011, meaning that reputable drug manufacturers can’t start producing generic versions for some time.

I quickly emailed the website back with my question and I have never gotten a reply.

I flushed the pills I bought down the toilet and realized that I had learned a valuable lesson.

I was annoyed that I was out $100, but I was happy that I hadn’t actually taken the pills. Who knows what those pills would have done? They were clearly not the medicine I thought I was buying.

From this experience, I realized the importance of learning how to safely buy Viagra online and I want to teach you how to buy them safely too.

This is why I created Buying Viagra Safely Online, to make sure that no one makes the simple mistake that I made, or makes a potentially much worse mistake. I thankfully didn’t ingest the questionable pills, but I’m sure there are others who unknowingly have.

Buying Viagra Safely Online Will Help You…

viagra check markUnderstand Exactly What Viagra Is And How You Can Maximize Your Results!

viagra check markHow To Recognize Fake Viagra Pills!

viagra check markFind A Reputable Online Pharmacy!

viagra check markGet The Right Price For Your Viagra!

viagra check markAvoid Viagra Scams!

viagra check markBuy Viagra Even If You Don’t Have A Prescription!

But I Buy Natural Viagra,
I’m Protected, Right?

The term “All Natural” can very often be misleading to consumers. Even in the United States, where everything under the sun seems to be regulated, products that claim to be “All Natural” don’t need to verify that their product actually is made with only natural ingredients. Online studies have shown that MOST “All Natural” Viagra substitutes actually do contain substantial pharmaceutical components.

In fact, a recent study by the Flora Research Laboratories in Oregon concluded that as many as 90% of “All Natural” Viagra products contain forms of patented pharmaceuticals, and many are stronger and more dangerous than the manufactured versions.

Viagra substitutes have been linked to strokes, heart attacks, and other heart related conditions. It’s important that you are very aware of the substances you are putting in your body, especially when you are dealing with such an unregulated market.

Buying Viagra Safely Online is dedicated to making sure you buy only the best Viagra products available. Learn how to make sure you are taking the safest medicine available!

Viagra Should Be The Solution,
Not The Cause Of Your Problem!

There are numerous warning signs for you to look out for when you are browsing for Viagra online. If you are going to buy your medicine online, it is imperative that you learn how to spot a legitimate online pharmacy from one that is just looking to scam you.

Email Viagra offers might be problematic as well. Learn what the warning signs are so you can tell if the email offer you receive is a legal and attractive discounted offer.

Be very cautious with products that claim to be generic, natural, soft tabs or quick-dissolving Viagra. These products are the most volatile and are often the cheapest and easiest Viagra substitutes to buy online. Before you purchase any Viagra product online, be sure to read this book. It’s the only way to make sure you are buying what you think you are.

Buying Viagra Safely Online provides you with all the information you need so you can make a safe decision. For just one low price, you will learn how to buy Viagra without endangering your health.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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If after reading the eBook, you still feel unsure about the correct way to buy Viagra online, just ask and I’ll be glad to give you a full refund.

All purchases may be refunded within 30 days of purchase, meaning if you think your new eBook isn’t as good as I claim, you can get your money back.

Don’t wait any longer.

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